Why It’s Harder For Women To Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight while your husband loses pounds easily? If you’re doing everything right to lose weight, there must be something else that is preventing you from losing those stubborn pounds and getting yourself in shape. There are a lot of differences in the way men and women’s bodies respond to diet, exercise, and factors leading to weight loss or gain. Some of the differences between men and women are inherent, biological, and others are behavioral.

Women have Less Muscle Mass Compared to Men

Men have more muscle mass compared to women of the same age and weight. The more muscle a person has, the faster their resting metabolism will be, so they will burn more calories. Men have more testosterone, which is the reason why they develop bigger muscles than women. Estrogen-B has an effect on muscle contractile speed, making men more efficient in producing power and women more efficient in healing. Women have less muscle mass compared to men of the same age and weight and their metabolism is comparatively slower. Hence, women will burn fewer calories compared to men. This is the reason why men lose weight faster than women.

Emotional Attachment to Foods

There are psychological factors that work against women for weight loss. Women are more emotionally attached to food than men. This makes it harder for them to follow a strict healthy eating plan. Men have an edge when women have slip-ups. When women make a mistake on their diet, they’re more likely to take an all-or-nothing approach and eat unhealthy foods for an entire day without thinking. Men are less likely to have this kind of emotional reaction and are more likely to get back on track by choosing healthy foods.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes All Women Make

Metabolism for Women is Different.

Women have a slower metabolism than men. A women’s body mass is composed of 10 percent more fat than men. Men can eat more food and still don’t gain weight. Losing weight for men is much easier than women. When men perform exercises and watch their eating habits, they lose weight easily and in a small period of time. This type of quick weight loss doesn’t happen with women. When the metabolism of a man is altered, most of the fat gets deposited in their belly. For women, most of their fat gets deposited in their hips and thighs.

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