Why Does Weight Loss Get Harder with Age?

Losing weight in your 20s and 30s is much easier when compared to an individual between 45-65 years of age. Those individuals who are at 20-30 years of age just need to make some minor changes in their eating habits and activity levels to lose weight. This does not work for older individuals. Losing weight requires much more effort as you reach middle age.

Here are 4 factors that make weight loss difficult as you age.

1. Aging of Muscles : As you age, your muscle tissue shrinks naturally and loses mass. It becomes difficult for the body and its ability to repair damaged muscle cells when there are changes in hormones that is combined with the wear and tear on the muscles. Unburned calories turn into fat when your muscle cells reduce.

Losing weight can become a difficult task for you for the following reasons: *As your age increases your ligaments, tendons, and muscles become rigid, and may remain rigid even after with regular exercise. *You may have less of an endurance level and strength for exercise.

2. Changes in Hormones : Hormonal changes occur in a woman when menopause takes place. However, this condition may or may not trigger weight gain. Hormonal changes can change the place where fat is stored. As a result, there is an excess weight accumulation in the abdomen than the hips and thighs. Hormonal changes affect an individual’s emotions, diet and activity choices. It can also contribute to muscle loss for both men and women. Muscle loss can decrease your body movement and slow down your metabolism.

3. Body Stress : You may not be able to enjoy those activities that you used to when you were younger. As you age, activities become limited. However, you can still involve yourself in low-impact activities that are still beneficial. You can get the most out of those low-impact activities by performing them more often or for a longer period of time – to achieve effective weight loss results. It might be difficult for the middle age group to perform the exercises, but early morning or evening walking can make a lot of difference in health.

4. Lifestyle Changes : As you age, you will experience many lifestyle changes both good and bad. After your job retirement, your daily physical activity reduces. This period is a full-time vacation after working hard throughout your life. Relaxation at this time can lead you to overeat unhealthy foods. You may also get depressed when your family members, relatives or close friends dies, resulting in emotional eating and lack of physical activity.

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