Which Tool Is Best For Tracking Weight Loss: A Scale or Measuring Tape?

What’s the point of working hard to lose weight if you don’t know your weight loss progress? You should track your weight loss progress either by a scale or measuring tape. Both have different uses for weight loss. During your weight loss journey, you might have hopped onto the scale to see how much weight you lost and became anxious to see the results. You may also taken your measurements. It might have helped you know the increased or decreased measurements of your body overtime. There must have been a point when you might have got frustrated to see no changes in your body size while measuring with a measuring tape.

Below are tools that will help you identify the changes you want to see in your body.

1. Scale

Using a scale can be easy, you just need to step on to it and see the numbers. Scales can be good for weekly and monthly analysis. However, it can distract you with numbers and you may not appreciate the changes that are going on internally because you cannot see them on the scale. Even if you’re making progress, it may not show on the scale. Healthy weight loss takes time and you’ll lose weight slowly. The number on the scale is affected by weigh-in time, your clothes, accessories, your hydration level, sodium intake, and digestive system.

2. Measuring Tape

If you’re measuring from the same place, then a measuring tape is a great way to check the measurements of your body, which you cannot see on a scale. When you measure your body with a measuring tape, you come to know how many inches you’ve reduced – your arms, tummy, waist, or thighs. You need to be a little careful while measuring your body from a measuring tape. If you measure your body from a different spot, you’ll end up getting different results each time. If you want to check the reduced size of your body to feel more confident and to look better in your clothes, then measuring tape is the best tool to track your progress.

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3. Takeaway

Consuming healthy food and making healthy lifestyle changes is more important than the numbers you see on the scale or measuring tape. If you want to lose weight, then you have to make healthy choices. Avoid junk foods and consume fresh vegetables and fruits. Consuming healthy foods and working towards your weight loss journey will help you achieve successful weight loss results. Reducing your waistline or overall fat from your body shouldn’t be your only concern, you should also keep track of your energy levels and sleeping pattern for a healthier lifestyle.

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