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Weight Loss Programs  Near Me In New England, MA

At New England Fat Loss (NEFL), we understand your weight loss struggles. Our certified wellness coaches provide weight loss tips on how to keep weight off, as well as motivational support for permanent weight loss. Our clients at NEFL have lost a combined weight of over 100,000 pounds so far, with more than 1,000 successful weight loss stories to date.

Our metabolic weight loss program is:

  • Scientific-based.
  • Realigns your metabolism for effective, easy, and natural weight loss.
  • Painless (no pain is involved while going through our metabolic weight loss program).
  • You’ll lose weight without exercise or surgery.
  • We provide an effective, personalized weight loss program that is based on your
    • age
    • medical history
    • current health



Weight Loss Program


Weight Maintenance Program


Strength Program


Weight Management For Teens (Ages 12+)

Weight Loss That’ll Transform Your Life

Real Food, Real Results

We’ll teach you about nutrition that promotes weight loss.

Your diet will include:

  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruits
  • high quality, lean protein sources

These food choices will not only help you to lose weight, but will curb your appetite and maintain your energy levels as well.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan and Coaching

Our certified wellness coaches understand your weight loss struggles (they are really good at putting themselves in your shoes).

They’ll provide you with:

  • Expert weight loss tips.
  • A personalized weight loss plan.
  • Valuable information about keeping the weight off for a lifetime.
  • The motivation to reach your desired weight loss goals.

Realign and Boost Metabolism

Our metabolic weight loss program has a unique inside-out approach that fixes the underlying causes of weight gain. With our program, you can heal and boost your metabolism, which allows you to lose weight naturally.

Balances Hormones

When your hormones are not balanced, weight loss becomes difficult and you’re prone to serious health problems. We’ll help you balance your hormones and achieve realistic weight loss goals!

At New England Fat Loss

You Learn to Eat Right, Lose Weight, and Feel Great!