Weight Loss Management Clinic in Hopkinton, MA

At New England Fat Loss We Offer Weight Loss Management Programs To Help You Be the Healthiest Versions of Yourself. We Offer Various Programs Like DNA Specific Meal Plans, Online Weight Loss, Weight Loss for Teens, and More! Call Today and Lose Weight in a New Way or Visit Our Clinic Located at 22 South St. #204, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

Weight Loss Management Clinic in Hopkinton, MA

Patients who are interested in losing weight to improve their health can expect to find a lot of conflicting information about how to best approach their weight loss. At New England Fat Loss, we strive to help our patients cut through the excess information and find an approach that truly works. Our metabolic weight loss programs are designed specifically for each individual we treat, so you can reap the benefits of a personalized approach to weight loss.

Can I go to a doctor to lose weight?

Many people can benefit from a medical weight loss program designed by a doctor. Almost everyone has attempted to lose weight on their own, either by following a complicated fad diet or simply attempting to restrict calories with no real plan in mind. At New England Fat Loss, we provide our patients with personalized weight loss information based on their DNA and specific weight loss goals. Patients who have a plan based on their unique body’s needs experience much better results overall because their nutrition plan is designed specifically to support their body’s needs. Our weight loss programs are designed to improve your body’s overall function and optimize the foods you eat, so you can lose weight quickly and consistently, and keep it off in the long-term.

When should you weigh yourself?

For most people, the best time to weigh yourself will be first thing in the morning, after you’ve used the bathroom and before you eat or drink anything. Overnight, we all lose some water weight as we sleep, so checking your scale first thing in the morning will give you the most accurate reading of your true weight. It is also important to remove as much clothing as possible and make sure that your scale is on a flat and even surface. You should never weigh yourself on carpet because your weight should be evenly distributed across the scale to get an accurate reading. The number of times you choose to weigh yourself per week may depend on your exact goals. At New England Fat Loss, we encourage our patients to weigh themselves every morning, so you and your program coach can keep in constant contact about your progress. It is essential to be consistent with your weigh-ins. Wear the same clothes each day and try to weigh yourself at the same time each morning. Consistent weight tracking will help you and your doctor keep track of your progress.

What is the best natural fat burner?

When it comes to losing weight, there is an excess of information available. For normal people, this can make it difficult to know which resources to trust. At New England Fat Loss, our wellness coaches use science to help you use calories more efficiently and burn fat fast. Our proprietary homeopathic supplements can increase your body’s fat burning abilities. Additionally, there is an array of foods that can help improve your metabolism including caffeine found in green tea and coffee, capsaicin in chili peppers and other spicy vegetables, and healthy sources of fat in your diet including fish and olive oil. However, how your body uses these foods may be different depending on a variety of factors including your age, gender, and your body composition. Your nutrition coach can help you understand which foods are best for your diet based on your DNA, so you know that every meal is helping you optimize your body’s inherent fat burning ability. Specific foods will be chosen for your diet based on your body’s unique needs, so we can remove the guess work from your meal prep.

If you are looking for a fast and effective weight loss plan, contact New England Fat Loss in Hopkinton, MA today to schedule a metabolic consultation.