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What sets our weight loss program apart is our inside-out approach. At New England Fat Loss, we work from the inside-out to remove the underlying interferences with your metabolism. This creates a proper balance that results in a much more significant and lasting change. Your body generally has the power to heal itself unless there is interference in your metabolism. Other exercise or diet plans often require tremendous effort on an individual's part in order to keep the weight off. But at New England Fat Loss, we acknowledge that it may be difficult to reach your these goals alone. That's why we specifically customize our recommendations for each individual client's needs and expectations.

Our clients widely consider our program to be affordable when compared to other permanent fat loss solutions. Options such as liposuction and gastric bypass are often costly, extreme, and leave the client prone to complications. Our program, meanwhile, is safe, customized to our clients, and allows our clients to keep the weight off. Our options are reasonably priced and produce a successful return on every client's investment.

Our weight loss program is not a diet plan. We use a specially formulated and tailored approach that unlocks your own body's potential to burn fat. We accomplish this by fundamentally altering your metabolism with our inside-out approach that identifies the root causes of your previous weight gain.
Our weight loss program does not require any form of exercise. We recognize that a personal physical training routine contributes to a healthy lifestyle but it is by no means obligated. Instead of relying on a gym or personal physical trainer, our program uses metabolic weight loss to achieve its results.
We want our program to suit your needs and expectations. At your consultation, we'll discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices, and eating habits. Our program involves our professionals becoming experts at each client's case to deliver the best weight loss results.