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We are a metabolic weight loss center that helps reduce your weight effectively without dieting, exercise or surgery. We understand your weight related problems and sufferings and we do not just cure your weight issue, but provide a complete remedy to the underlying cause of your weight issue by correcting and balancing your metabolism. This helps you to have a lifetime of weight loss.

We provide a personalized weight loss program considering your medical history, age, and overall health for a healthier, safer and effective weight loss. Our certified wellness coach provides essential information on how to lose weight successfully, how to stay focused throughout the weight loss program and how to keep the weight off. We provide a diet analysis that will help you understand how many calories you are consuming. Considering your calorie intake we will design a weight loss plan for a successful weight loss just for you.

Weight Loss Process at New England Fat Loss

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Individual Weight Loss Plan

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First, we analyze your body type and healthThen, we review your options and select a weight loss program that works for you. If you require an individualized weight loss program, well put one in place for you. Our certified wellness coaches will motivate and guide you to provide effective weight loss tips. Our mission is for you to achieve your weight loss goals and become a happy, healthy individual!

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with New England Fat Loss

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Weight Loss Story
Weight Loss Story

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