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Results may vary and are dependent upon size, age, gender, original fat levels and level of commitment to the program.

William Landry

Wow! I lost 20 pounds* in just one week in phase one, after joining this program. I have not been really hungry once so far. This program is miraculous. Can’t wait to get to my goal of 196 pounds. Only 89 pounds to reach it…I can do this “One Day AT A Time.”

John Cunningham

When I read the testimonial in my local paper, I will admit, I was bit skeptical. Finally my husband and I decided to make an appointment and see what NEFL was all about. We signed up and quickly I was on my path to better health. I was 267 pounds at my initial consultation. At the end of the diet phase (42 days later). I was 227 pounds. Today I am at 219*. This program changed my life. Thank you Dr. Johns and the entire staff.