How to Set Up Your Environment for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Environment: Know Your Triggers

Building a plan to combat food triggers is part of building a healthy lifestyle.

Food triggers are one of the hardest parts of getting to a healthy lifestyle that promotes a good weight loss environment. Knowing what these are ahead of time will keep weight loss as the primary goal for someone who wants to make great choices and change habits.

If a specific food is a trigger, the best way to combat eating the food is to stay away from it or have a support system that makes sure you aren’t left alone with those types of food. Avoiding the triggers will make us stronger over time.

They become less of an issue after a healthy lifestyle is implemented and good habits become routine.

Weight Loss Environment: Be Realistic with Yourself

The pressure to lose weight is overwhelming when goals aren’t realistic.

Self-acceptance is the key to staying on track and understanding that perfect isn’t the goal.

Realistic goals are goals for weight loss are goals that take the journey one day at a time. The reality is that it may take longer than expected, but if it is a daily habit to build an environment for healthy living, it will work.

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Weight Loss Environment: Commit to Keeping These Foods Away

Junk food, greasy treats, and fast food are not good examples of nutrition. Anything that lacks nutrition and uses fillers to please an appetite shouldn’t be allowed in an environment for weight loss.

These things distract people from the goals they have and fuel triggers and temptations when there is stress in the environment.

It is easy to grab a doughnut or a cookie at work. Part of preparing for a healthy lifestyle is to keep those things out of our grasp so we can focus on being healthy.

Weight Loss Environment: Keep Only the Healthiest Food in View

Temptations are hard for anyone trying to create a weight loss environment to hit important goals. Part of staying healthy is focusing on how much healthy foods taste better than unhealthy foods.

Vegetables, lean meats, water, and tea are great foods and drinks to keep around for motivation. If we focus on the good things, we hit our goals.

If unhealthy items must be in the home or at the office, create a barrier so they aren’t seen. A box, basket or divider in the pantry can help temptation pass without action.

Weight Loss Environment: Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

We can avoid quick unhealthy choices by making sure our environment is ready for cooking. A clean kitchen allows us a space to create the meals that our body needs. Preparing lunches and snacks is always easier when a kitchen is clean and ready for the next meal.

Make a practice of doing the dishes right after a meal. Snack foods and cookie jars shouldn’t be available on the counters, a bowl of chopped vegetables or fruit is a good quick choice.

Weight Loss Environment: Reduce Food Choices

Meals should give us nutrition and not be overly fabulous. The better something tastes, the more we want to eat.

To keep portions under control prepare less food at each meal. Just enough is fine.

Too much might cause a temptation to sneak in and eat leftovers later! Shopping for less stuff is also a helpful way to stay on track. When there are fewer items to eat, there is less temptation.

Meal planning makes shopping for food and storing it for later easier.

Weight Loss Environment: Deconstruct Rituals

We all have rituals that allow us to forget our goals.

Eating at night before we get in bed, eating in front of a movie, forgetting our goals during the holidays are all types of rituals that need work in an environment for weight loss.

While avoiding everything is impossible, changing the ritual isn’t. Berries instead of popcorn and salad on most of the plate during the holidays will still make us full and keep cravings down. Once one ritual is replaced with a healthy habit, it is easier to get all the other ones deconstructed.

A good support system is ideal when we want to hit goals fast! A group will keep everyone on their toes and can give motivation during tough times.

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