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Metabolic weight loss programs are the solution to help you shed those extra pounds of body fat. Enrolling in a metabolic weight loss program will not only help you reduce your weight, it’ll also help reset your metabolism! This makes your body feel refreshed and remain healthy even after you lose weight. You may be wondering what exactly metabolism is and how it affects your weight. In a nutshell, metabolism is the process of converting the calories in the food you eat into energy. Calories, when combined with oxygen, produce energy. Our bodies use that energy even when we’re at rest, including sitting and even sleeping. Our bodies require energy for breathing, digestion, blood circulation, cell repair, and physical activity in our day-to-day lives.

With the determination to bring a positive change to her life, a client named Stephanie walked into one of our metabolic weight loss centers in October 2014. She boldly faced the reality of her weight and the effect it had on her physical health. She was motivated to take that first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Just 40 days later, Stephanie lost 38 pounds! After using a food journal and following our metabolic weight loss program, Stephanie lost an additional 78 pounds over the course of the next several months!

Today, Stephanie has lost a total of 115.6 pounds!

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