MetabATEEN Weight Management For Teens in New England, MA

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MetabATEEN Weight Management For Teens Near Me In New England, MA

Childhood obesity rates are on the rise. According to the CDC, nearly 1 in every 5 school-aged children are obese. This means that these children fall in the 95th percentile when compared to other children of the same age and sex. There are many facotrs that contirubute to childhood obesity, including genetics and metabolism. Families, friends, and care providers can make it easier to achieve a healthy weight and keep it off for good. Maintaining a healthy weight involves developing strategies and healthy eating habits that will stay with your child for life. With our innovative app, you and your child will be able to monitor their progress right from their smartphone. Our coaches will also be watching too, and if your child starts to get off-track, we’ll be right there with reminders and helpful hints from one of our REAL certified weight-loss coaches.

Healthy, age-appropriate weight loss or stabilization

Monitors your teen’s food choices

Our certified wellness coaches monitor your teen’s food choices, helping them hydrate regularly and target the foods that address low macronutrient tendencies found in DNA.


Our program doesn’t just monitor your teen’s food intake, it also increases their awareness. They’ll be able to visualize their food intake at the end of the day and utilize DNA-based workout strategies.

Create lifelong health habits

We all know that our teenage years are a stage in life where many habits are formed, both good and bad. Our program allows your teen to create their own goals and stick to them, without going at it alone!