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Weight Maintenance Program

A Guide By Your Side!

You’ve worked so hard to get lose those stubborn pounds and we are so proud of your progress! Whether you have lost weight with New England Fat Loss on our MetabAFIX program or if you’ve done it on your own, you know how easy it can be to settle back into your old ways. We can help. Our MetabAGUIDE program uses your own DNA profile to determine the underlying causes of your weight gain. Armed with your personal DNA profile, our program will guide you throughout your lifelong maintenance journey.

Stop Guessing!

Start using your DNA plate strategy!

When you know your plate, you maintain your weight!

DNA-Based Maintenance Program

Armed with your very own DNA profile, you can finally find out what the root cause of your weight can is. By eliminating trigger foods that could potentially cause you to gain weight, you’ll soon learn to incorporate foods that promote fat burn and increase metabolism.

A Proprietary Mobile App to Track Your Progress

The MetabAGUIDE app follows you throughout your weight maintenance journey and makes it easy to stay on track. You’ll find it fun to use and the notifications and reminders make it impossible for you to get off track!

Certified Wellness Coaches Keep You in the Game

Your daily weight, food entries and commitment to the program are all tracked via the MetabAGUIDE app. Our proprietary app reports directly back to your coach’s dashboard. Your coach will know if and when you’ve gotten off-track and will connect with you before it affects your progress. It’s like having a personal trainer, right in your pocket!

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Certified wellness coaches
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Success Stories

Wow! I lost 20 pounds* in just one week in phase one, after joining this program. I have not been really hungry once so far. This program is miraculous. Can’t wait to get to my goal of 196 pounds. Only 89 pounds to reach it…I can do this “One Day AT A Time.”

William L.

Successful NEFL Client