Having trouble keeping the weight off?

It might not be you. It might be your DNA!


Strength Program


Weight Management For Teens (Ages 12+)

Stop Guessing!

Fuel your workout with science, not sales! Your DNA report will let you know just how much or how little you should be exercising. Now that you’ve lost the weight, you should incorporate a healthy exercise routine into your daily maintenance plan. By utilizing the exercise suggestions which came from your report, you’ll be able to better maintain your weight… and keep it off!

Monitor Fitness Levels

Wellness coaches remotely monitor your DNA-based workout strategies, help you efficiently hydrate and target foods to balance the macronutrient deficient tendencies found in your DNA! Your coaches are there with you, every step of the way, and with our unique app in your pocket, they’re never more than a message away!

Boost Metabolism

Following a steady workout regimen allows the body’s metabolism to go into overdrive. Making the right food choices along with healthy workout routines, speeds up your metabolism, and when you know that your choices are being monitored, you’re more likely to make good choices and stick to the program!

Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Build strength and endurance! By following a workout routine that is based on the science of your very own DNA, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind workout plan built exclusively for you. By monitoring your performance on the program, our certified wellness coaches report that many patients continue to see results in the mirror, even during their maintenance phase!

Success Stories

NE Fat loss program has helped me to lose weight when other well known programs could not. I lost a total of 50 lbs in the past year with great success keeping it off. Doing this program helped me realize how unhealthy my diet had been and which foods are best to fuel my metabolism and keep the weight off. This has really been a positive life style change for me and I feel better than I have in over 10 years.

The staff at NE Fat loss in Auburn where awesome! I worked mainly with Heidi and Lea both of whom were very encouraging, never made me feel bad if I had a bad week, and were great cheer leaders routing me on to my goal. Once I was on maintenance I still continued to weigh in to help keep me on the healthy road!”

-Denise E.

Successful NEFL Client