How to Keep Yourself Motivated While Losing Weight – Weight Loss Management Center in Longmeadow, MA

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated While Losing Weight - Weight Loss Management Center in Longmeadow, MA

Staying motivated is one of the hardest things to do while trying to lose weight – especially for women. Some women can get discouraged easily, lose hope, and just give up when weight loss doesn’t happen quickly. One of the key factors to losing weight is the right attitude. Because metabolic weight loss requires a total lifestyle change, it’s important to consider weight loss as a journey – not a single day transformation! If you want to change your lifestyle and lose weight effectively without getting derailed, keep on reading. This article will show you how to stay motivated while losing weight.

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind:

Think positive:

Keep a positive attitude right from the time you decide to start a weight loss plan. Arm yourself with plenty of “I can” and “I will” statements, together with “I have” and “I did” affirmations to share with your friends and family. Share your successes to maintain a positive attitude and avoid getting derailed by negative thoughts.

Set realistic goals:

While it’s important to keep your long-term objectives in mind, the focus should be on achieving short-term goals. These short-term goals should be attainable. They may not seem like much, but the trick to remaining positive is that these goals are easy to reach. Think how happy you’ll be when you lose more weight than your initial short-term goal! Remember that small achievements build over time into significant weight loss. Weight loss is a journey and not a one-day transformation!


Take the time to do the proper planning to ensure that your weight loss efforts will be successful. Choose a weight loss plan that suits your lifestyle. Develop weekly plans for your daily menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and occasional snacks. Eat regularly – starving yourself will only slow down your ability to burn calories. Make sure to keep a supply of all the foods you plan to eat – this will help you stay on track! Introduce small changes to your diet daily by incorporating healthy eating habits. For example, you could include more raw fruit & vegetables, exclude unnecessary snacks, replace soda with water or iced tea, and downsize your food portions.


Think of the new you that you want to become. Imagine the slimmer you – the clothes you want to wear, the body shape you want to attain, and the confidence you’ll gain.


Prioritize your activities for each day of the week. Create a schedule that allows you to shop for healthy food, exercise, and follow your weekly errands without falling behind on your weight loss journey.

Reward yourself:

Rewards are positive signs of accomplishment. Celebrate weight loss accomplishment benchmarks (the first 10 lbs., 25 lbs., 50 lbs., etc.) by gifting yourself a new pair of Nike shoes or a dress that highlights your new slimmer figure. The gift should NOT be food-related! The rewards should make you feel happier, provide positive reinforcement, and create a sense of achievement.

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