Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Symptoms of underactive thyroid conditions include difficulties in regulating body temperature, mood swings and a sense of low energy. If you’re struggling to lose weight or find that your hair is thinning, your thyroid may be the culprit.

What is the Thyroid Gland?

The thyroid gland is a gland located in the throat near the trachea. It consists of two wings on either side of the trachea, joined by a segment of tissue called an isthmus.

From the front, this gland looks like a butterfly. The thyroid gland produces two primary hormones, triiodothyronine, and thyroxine. Should your thyroid glad be under-producing, symptoms may include unexplained weight gain.

Underactive Thyroid Gland Symptom: Neck Swelling

Thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s disease can result in an enlarged or inflamed thyroid. In addition to localized swelling of the gland itself, many illnesses related to low thyroid productivity can result in edema in the face.

Moreover, some sufferers of thyroid problems can experience patches of thickened skin across their faces and necks. This skin thickening, coupled with unexplained weight gain can lead to swelling in the neck.

Underactive Thyroid Gland Symptom: Changes in Energy or Mood

Underactive production of thyroid hormones can result in low energy or depression.

All sorts of thyroid problems can manifest in symptoms of agitation, irascibility, and insomnia. Your appetite may change and you may unexpectedly lose weight. Hyperthyroidism can result in dangerous conditions such as irregular heart rates.

Underactive Thyroid Gland Symptom: Hair Loss

Hair loss is symptomatic of low thyroid illness, as is excessive dryness of the hair and skin. As your low thyroid condition is evaluated and ultimately treated, you may need to consider a wig or supplementary hairpiece to wear while you wait for your hormone levels to come back into healthy release levels.

Until your condition is under control, it’s critical that you treat your hair gently. Don’t wear it in a style that will put extra stress on it, such as tight ponytails. Additionally, you may need to reduce the weight of long hair with a shorter cut while your hair fills back in.

Underactive Thyroid Gland Symptom: Hot or Cold

A common challenge of anyone suffering from an overactive or underactive thyroid can be the inability to maintain steadily comfortable body temperature. Low thyroid production can leave you feeling cold or sluggish no matter what the thermostat says, and overactive thyroid production may cause you to feel excessively warm or to sweat easily.

If you’re in the midst of a thyroid condition diagnosis or are working to get your dosages level, be sure to layer up in preparation for your day. If your thyroid is low, keep a small blanket at your desk so you can wrap up, if need be. Those with overactive thyroid production may need to plan for an extra shower in the middle of the day to feel fresh.

Underactive Thyroid Gland Treatment

If you’re suffering from an underactive thyroid, there are synthetic hormones you can take to supplement poor hormonal production. Be aware that getting the dosage regulated may take some time. Be patient with yourself and take care to reduce your toxin load, including avoiding alcohol and tobacco products.

For those with overactive thyroid, there are medications you can take to reduce hormonal production or to counteract it. Beta blockers can also reduce the extreme symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It’s additionally critical that you reduce your exposure to toxins and attend all follow-up doctor’s appointments.

Final Thoughts

If you notice changes in your weight, your skin tone or your energy level, you should get a physical. A thyroid condition can lead to depression or irregular heartbeat, depending on hormone production. This condition should not be ignored.

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