How Processed Foods are Harming our Health?

In recent years, there have been multiple concerns regarding the consumption of processed foods and the danger they pose to our body. The fast-changing lifestyle has been the major contributor towards the rise in processed foods consumption. Due to the lack of time to cook, people prefer consuming processed foods which are easily available on store. According to the research conducted by the University of Chapek-Hill, more than 60 per cent of foods are processed in America. This is just the case of America, but worldwide the percentage is extremely high. Cases of obesity, hypertension, heart attack, etc. are on the rise and processed foods are one of the reasons behind the rise. The popularity of processed foods among many consumers has contributed to the fact that they are available for all season.

Before we get into the details of how processed foods can harm our health, let us first check what exactly they mean.

What are Processed Foods?

Processed foods are those which are not natural and are laboratories made. Most of these foods get genetically created, causing different health issues. According to the global processed food market report, till 2017 the revenue generated from processed foods was $4.675 trillion and every year there is a growth of 1.6%. This is not a good sign for people who want to have a healthy life and lose weight.

How can processed foods harm our health?

• Leads to Obesity:

Excess intake of sugary and oily foods can lead to obesity, which eventually results heart problem. Processed foods are loaded with high content of sugar which is added in the form of glucose, malt, fructose, etc. Packaged food makers usually add these synonym names so that buyers can find it healthy. The worst part is sugar can trigger a sense of craving within the brain inducing us to consume more. This is the deadliest way how processed food can harm our body.

• Lead to Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

Processed foods play a major role in developing inflammatory bowel disease. The major reason behind this is the addition of chemical additive called as Emulsifier – which helps in extending the life of the food. This chemical is found in almost every other type of processed food including peanut butter, cake mixes, yogurt, etc.

• Induces for Over-consumption:

These processed foods are made with certain additives that induce over-consumption. Food manufacturers want consumers to keep buying their food product and enjoy the taste. Today, every other manufacturer competes to offer tasty food, which is why massive resources are spent towards processing. These foods are rewarding to the brain, overpowering our consumption limit. Over-consumption certainly leads to increase in the weight and other issues.

How Pre-Packaged Foods Can Harm Your Health

Overall, consumption of processed foods means less natural food, resulting in health issues and deficient in vitamins and other minerals. Although processed foods cannot be eliminated completely, the consumption limit can be brought down. This is only possible when there is a change in the lifestyle.

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