How Long Should You Walk for Weight Loss?

How Long Should You Walk for Weight Loss? Got weight loss goals? It comes as a surprise to many that weight loss isn’t always about food.

To reach your weight loss goals, you don’t have to spend seven hours a week at a sweatbox swarming with showoffs and that SoulCycle instructor who still buys Cool Water by the crate.

Instead, leave the gym and walk your way to slim. Contrary to conventional belief, striding is a super exercise for shedding pounds. All it takes a dash of knowledge and a dollop of discipline.

Walk for Health. Walk for Weight Loss.

Walking is wonderful. It’s easy on the joints and supports good health. Just two hours per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 30 percent.

Moreover, scientists assert that daily perambulations help prevent various ailments, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and type two diabetes.

Other studies suggest that 30 minutes a day can significantly mitigate depression symptoms. Additionally, walking strengthens muscles and improves coordination.

Before You Start Walking for Weight Loss

Before you hit the path, prepare.

Walking for Weight Loss: Get a Checkup

Before starting a regimen, check with your doctor. Sure, the likelihood of medical conditions getting in the way of walking plans is low, but not impossible. Be safe, not sorry, and get a checkup.

Walking for Weight Loss: Get Good Shoes

You’re just walking; why bother with special shoes, right? Wrong. Solid walking sneakers are a wise investment. It could mean the difference between getting shin splints and not getting shin splints. Find shoes with proper arch support, and be mindful of shock absorbency.

Walking for Weight Loss: Learn Walking Form

Leisurely strolls, though lovely, won’t help you lose weight. Exercise should be energetic, and the correct form is key.

Ideally, when you’re walking to lose weight, strive to keep your head up, buttocks tucked, and arms swinging above the waist.

Walking for Weight Loss: Stretch

Your elementary gym teacher was right: Stretching before exercise mitigates the chance of injury. So make like Nike and just do it!

Enjoy your Weight Loss Walks

When you’re walking to lose weight, consistency is crucial. Sporadic efforts will get you nowhere, slowly.

The discipline trick is to make it fun.

So save your best streaming material for workouts! Maybe old school Wu-Tang or Metallica get you going. Perhaps true crime podcasts are your jam. Whatever your audio poison, just make sure it’s awesome for you.

Stress can add to weight loss, so use this as your personal quality time to de-stress as well!

Positivity in the Practice

You’re walking! Praise yourself for the effort! Associating positive feelings with the practice increases the chance of sticking with it.

It’s up to YOU to keep yourself motivated!

How Many Minutes Does it Take to Lose Weight By Walking?

We’ve discussed preparation. Now let’s talk technique. How many minutes in a day does it take to lose weight by walking? How far or fast should you go?

Below is a beginner’s regiment. Start there. Then, once you’re comfortable, add time. For example: Instead of doing a 25-minute session, up it to 35 minutes. After a year, the goal is to start each week with an hour-long walk.

Day One: Go for a 25-minute energetic walk to build endurance.

Day Two: Complete two four-by-two sets: four minutes of speed walking followed by two minutes of brisk walking.

Day Three: Go for a 25-minute energetic walk to build endurance.

Day Four: Complete eight 30-second surge sets: speed walk for 30 seconds followed by one minute of easy walking.

Day Five: Go for a 25-minute energetic walk to build endurance.

Day Six: Complete six even-Steven sets: one min of fast walking followed by one minute of brisk walking.

Day Seven: You’ve made it rest day, earning the right to sit and binge some shows.

Walking for Weight Loss Conclusion

You can lose weight by sticking to an effective walking routine. For more information, you can give us a call at (844) 437-8446 or visit one of our local Weight Loss Centers!

Good luck and happy treading!

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