How Does Metabolism Affect Your Weight?

Studies show that our metabolism controls most of our weight gain and loss. In fact, 70-80% of our metabolic rate is already established from our own genes, and we can only affect that percentage slightly. If you find yourself wondering why your metabolism isn’t as fast as other people you may know, don’t, it’s because of your genetics. Metabolism can be broken down into three main factors: the size of your body, your age, and whether you were born male or female. Each of these factors plays a large role in your metabolism. This is where New England Fat Loss can maximize your body’s ability to burn fat. New England Fat Loss will help you understand how your metabolism works and how to increase its potential, increasing your ability to lose weight in a safe and tested way.

What Is Metabolism?

In order to boost your metabolism and benefit from our system, we believe you should have a basic understanding of how your metabolism works. To put it simply, metabolism is the process of converting all the food and drinks you consume into energy. Even while you’re sleeping, your body requires energy to control breathing, regulate temperature, promote bone growth, and much more. As a result, you must always provide your body with proper energy to last all day. Since food consumption and energy production have such a close relationship, your body’s calorie use is a major part of your metabolism. So it follows that the more active you are, the more energy you need, which in turn means more food you have to consume.

So How Do You Lose Weight?

Are you wondering what all this means for you? Well, in order to lose weight, the formula is pretty simple – you need to consume fewer calories than you burn in a day. To some extent, you do have to control what you eat in order to lose weight and maximize your metabolism’s potential. That said, New England Fat Loss is not a diet plan – it’s a permanent lifestyle change. New England Fat Loss works with you to promote healthy choices and create a personalized weight loss journey. It offers several Metabolic Weight Loss Centers in MA. For more information on metabolism, please contact one of our weight loss specialists and schedule an appointment today!

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