5 Surprising Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight – Weight Loss Management Center in Newton, MA

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5 Surprising Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight - Weight Loss Management Center in Newton, MA

You have been following a strict diet, working out regularly, and walking daily, but have still been unable to lose weight. Isn’t this strange and frustrating? You might be able to find the answers in your diet or workout, but the answer may be related to random things you do over the course of the day. There may be some little habits that you may not be considering, but these could be affecting your weight loss regime.

We perform daily workouts for weight loss that tend to be quite hard to work on, but are really impactful. However, there are other things too that can affect your regime in the long term. If you are facing such weight loss problems, then let us check some of the potential issues that may be behind these problems:

Too little sleep

It is always advisable to get sufficient sleep because a lack of sleep hampers your health development. According to one study, it was found that women who slept for only 5 hours at night were likely to gain weight compared to those who sleep 7 hours. This is because the less you sleep, the more you feel hungry. Moreover, sleep deprivation affects the secretion of cortisol, which is a hormone regulating appetite. So it is essential that you get enough sleep at night.

Non-healthy eating habits

We may eat multiple diet foods with the intention that they are healthy. If you think of your meal as a light choice, it causes the brain to make more of the hormone ghrelin. To keep the ghrelin in balance, you need to focus more on the indulgent parts of your meal. This further helps you pick the right food: one that is healthy and treats your body well.

Excess intake of junk food

You may have reduced the consumption of junk food, but even occasionally eating junk food can also cause issues in your weight gain. Junk food contains many negative chemicals that don’t allow reducing your weight, no matter how much you exercise.

Too much stress

Stress and weight gain go hand in hand. You may not be aware of it, but being constantly under pressure will cause you to eat more, resulting in weight gain. Stress leads to sleep deprivation and increases the production of cortisol. If you are expecting chronic stress, it is better to stay calm and to regularly workout, which will also help divert your mind away from the thing that is causing you to feel stressed. Also, try meditation as this can decrease the urge for excessive eating.

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Not consistent workouts

There are some weight loss workouts that are difficult to follow on a daily basis. This can lead to skipping the workout and only completing it on every alternate day. This results in weight gain in the long term. It is always recommended to work out for at least 60–90 minutes a day, which will also help in burning calories and maintaining your body. Maintain a schedule that will help you to follow your workout routing regularly. In addition to a regular workout, try taking a walk on a daily basis, stretch at your workplace, and limit your TV time. If you are continuously sitting for long hours, then it can certainly lead to weight gain.