FAQ’s at New England, MA

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Q: How does New England Fat Loss work?

A: We use an all-natural process that turns your BBQ grill into a FAT BURNING MACHINE! At New England Fat Loss, we eat REAL FOODS, nothing ever pre-packaged, to naturally detox your body and restore balance to your metabolism. Using DNA science, we will identify any of your low or below average nutrient tendencies and then create a custom 5-day meal plan specific to your DNA. Know your plate, maintain your weight. NO MORE GUESSING, WHICH FOODS MATCH YOUR BODY. This creates the proper metabolic balance resulting in a much more significant and lasting change than pre-packaged foods or shakes for weight loss. Your body naturally has the power to heal itself unless there is interference in your metabolism. Our program is about science and support, NOT product sales to maintain weight. That’s why we specifically customize our recommendations for each individual client’s needs and expectations.

Q: What is the cost of New England Fat Loss?

A: We consider ourselves more of a health organization, than a sales organization, this is why we are committed to offering the lowest feasible costs to those seeking an all-natural science based approach to fat loss. Complete program costs start as low as $499. Individual program costs can vary, based upon your overall needs and current health situation. We are proud to offer a credit approved financing option that can be typically financed with $500 down and monthly payments.

Q: Does New England Fat Loss require a type of diet?

A: We have a specific meal plan, but, our FAT LOSS program is not a diet. We use a specially formulated all-natural approach that unlocks your own body’s potential to burn fat. We accomplish this by fundamentally altering your metabolism with our inside-out approach that identifies the root causes of your previous weight gain.

Q: Can I eat out and still lose weight as part of New England Fat Loss?

A: Absolutely! In fact, Dan Andleman of the Phantom Gourmet, ate out at 20 different restaurants in 30 days and lost 27lbs in the process. Why? Because our weight loss program is not a diet plan, we do not limit your ability to enjoy life. We will teach you how to eat out healthy, for your body. Our professional team of coaches, will guide you on what types of food are the best for your body without interfering with your weight loss results. Together, we make a plan to change your lifestyle so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Q: Does New England Fat Loss require exercise?

A: Believe it or not, our weight loss program does not require any form of exercise. We recognize that a personal physical training routine contributes to a healthy lifestyle, in fact, we will test your DNA to utilize a personal workout guideline to be used in maintenance. Our program uses natural metabolic weight loss to achieve its results, NOT exercise. If you already workout, great, you will return to your training regimen with less fat and more muscle in a very short time.

Q: Does New England Fat Loss require group meetings?

A: Our weight loss program does not involve group meetings. Instead, we use an individualized, custom approach that caters to each client’s body. Every client’s metabolism and anatomy is unique and we want our program to reflect that. With our state-of-the-art equipment, our experts produce a complete body analysis to determine the best course of action for you to lose weight and keep it off.

Q: How does metabolic weight loss work better than any other weight loss plan?

A: Metabolic weight loss fundamentally changes your body chemistry to maximize weight loss and create a more lasting change. New England Fat Loss uses science & support with a distinct combination of proprietary homeopathic supplements (NOBODY has our proprietary formulas beware of less effective knock offs), professional guidance from certified wellness coaches, and DNA testing. You will start shedding pounds immediately under our program. Our advanced approach produces customized results to achieve your body’s full weight loss potential.

Q: What will we discuss in my weight loss consultation?

A: We will explain how we are merging DNA science with cutting-edge technology, to either maintain a healthy weight or implement the all natural detox & fat burning protocols used at NEFL and how this process will benefit you. You will gain a full & complete understanding of what we do and where the industry is headed. At your consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history, lifestyle choices, and eating habits and, most importantly, describe an individualized plan to develop lasting change.

Q: After I enroll what kind of support will I receive?

A: We want our clients to maintain the weight that they lose during our program. Throughout your entire weight loss journey, we will keep you in close contact with our team of doctors and coaches. Our expert advice will always be readily available. If your weight loss needs should ever change, our advanced equipment and tailored approach will be there to support you and meet your goals.