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Dieting: Why it Doesn’t Work - Weight Loss Management Center in Longmeadow, MA

People eat for a variety of reasons, but more importantly, they eat particular types of foods for specific reasons, and these reasons are usually not due to hunger. It is well known that certain foods are well-known “comfort foods”. They are satisfying and make you feel happy and secure, but often are used as a tool to simply keep you busy and take your mind off of something else. Other foods, usually loaded with sugar, are consumed because people think it will give them lots of energy, but instead of energy, you often feel tired and sluggish after eating all of those sugary foods.

What people don’t often realize, is that to receive real energy, there actually are foods that can make you feel better and full of good and healthy nutrients. Most people are aware of the fact that a healthy diet will lead to feeling and looking better in most cases, so why is it that over a third of our population suffers from issues with being overweight or unhealthy? Let’s take a minute to think about it, do you ever REALLY think about what you’re eating? When you’re eating it, and why? Have you ever thought about what made you reach for that bag of chips in the cupboard over the apple in the fridge? Why do we do this? The answer may not be so clear when you really think about it, and you may even realize you’re not actually hungry, you’re just bored and eating seems to take the place of doing anything else. We often find ourselves snacking because it makes us feel better, it makes us feel good. The high of feeling filled doesn’t last long, though, and we end up in a vicious cycle of eating and repeating.

So, the next time you are reaching for a snack, ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you just don’t have anything else to do. See how you are feeling when you reach for that bag of chips, or leftover chocolates. What types of snacks are you reaching for, and do they fit into a “healthy” category of food? Doing this several times a day will help you realize that the battle with your weight is often in the things you never considered. Though grabbing a quick snack once in a while isn’t a bad thing, having that snack consistently be a candy or salty treat is. Once we realize how the way that we feel and the reason we are snacking is the cause of it, we are better able to make conscious choices that will benefit our health. The real key to success when trying to lose weight is having a real look at the choices you are making and finding the right support to change those habits. Until you realize why you are making poor choices and how to actively make a change, any old diet is never going to work. You might be able to stick to it and lose a pound of two for a while, but in the end, those poor habits will sneak their way right back into your life.

There will always be challenges in your way when trying to lose weight, and even when it seems extremely hard to stay on the right track, knowing the reason behind your choices can make all the difference in the end result. Facing this on your own will certainly be the hardest challenge of all when attempting to lose weight, so why would you want to do it alone? New England Fat Loss is here for you and ready to help and support you along your entire weight loss journey to a new and improved you. New England Fat Loss’ metabolic weight loss centers in MA offer effective solutions for weight loss, rebuilding self-confidence and reclaiming a healthy lifestyle.

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