Can Weight Loss Result in Hair Loss?

Alopecia or hair loss can occur for many reasons, but people who are losing weight get a shock when they experience hair loss. Many people are unaware that weight loss can result in hair loss and find it astonishing. This phase is temporary as it is linked to the amount of nutrients a person is consuming, especially protein. If the weight loss is not a conscious decision and a person is losing weight without any reason, then it can be an alarming situation. There are multiple reasons behind sudden weight and hair loss, such as:


An overactive thyroid hormone can create issues in the body and can result in weight and hair loss. Even if someone is eating a lot, not working out, and is mentally relaxed, they can lose weight due to hyperthyroidism. If you are feeling that you are losing weight for no reason, feeling weak, and experiencing excessive hair loss, then it’s time to get yourself seen by a doctor.

Hormonal disorder:

Endocrine disorder results in hormones imbalances, which results in over or underproduction of hormones leading to thinning hair and weight loss . Hormones in women change every month, which results in bloating or mood swings or thinning hair, especially when Androgen levels change. The major reasons behind hormone fluctuations are lifestyle changes, stress, fatigue, or change in diet and sleeping patterns that can result in hormonal changes.

Bulimia or Anorexia Nervosa:

Women often favor a certain body image and want to achieve that figure in a short span of time. This result in following crazy diets and fads like Bulimia in which a person purposely vomits up their food to achieve or maintain their desired weight. Similarly, in cases of Anorexia Nervosa, weight watchers starve themselves or eat very little to keep their body weight to a minimum. Ideally, they prefer their weight to be less than their ideal weight shown on the BMI scale and to achieve that they purge after eating or eat a restricted diet for survival.

Gastrointestinal problem:

Many people suffer from chronic diarrhea or irregular bowel syndrome that results in unexplained weight loss and thinning of hair as it leads to nutritional deficiencies’ and limits the amount of nutrients the body is able to retain are distributed in order to supply sufficient nutrients to important organs for survival. Hair is not essential for survival, so the body supplies the hair with nutrients last, nutrients such as protein and zinc.

Factors That Influence Your Weight


Weight loss whether a conscious decision or unconscious due to some kind of physical or mental illness or medication can result in hair loss, as the body is simply not providing enough nutrients to the hair. However, it is not a permanent phase. When the body starts getting proper nutrients, it will stop losing weight, then hair growth will also be back to normal. If you are planning to lose weight and get back in shape, make sure to add protein and zinc to your diet to prevent hair loss.

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