Can Stress Contribute To Weight Gain?

Everyday stresses can take a toll on your body and your health. Stress increases a hormone in the body called cortisol, which contributes to weight gain. When you’re experiencing a lot of stress, your appetite can decrease,however, prolonged stress can cause weight gain due to emotional eating habits.

Many of us tend to overeat when we’re undergoing high levels of stress or anxiety. When we are anxious, our bodies are producing more adrenaline, triggering the’fight or flight’ response. This response tricks our brains into thinking that we are burning more calories and require more food to restore what we’ve used up.

During stressful periods of time, levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ increases and causes you to overeat. Prolonged stress can turn overeating into a habit that is difficult to break. Weight gain causes insulin levels to increase, and you crave sugary, fatty foods. Instead of reaching for healthy foods, you’re more likely to eat junk food. The high sugar and fat content in junk foods release serotonin into the brain,causing us to temporarily feel energized and elated. This euphoric state of mind can cause us to become addicted to junk food. Eating can become a source of relief and can reduce stress, but contributes to weight gain.

When you’re under stress,the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, rises, causing you to crave junk food. When you consume junk food, you contribute to your belly fat.

Going for a walk early in the morning or in the evening will reduce your stress. Meditation can help clear your mind and curb those comfort food cravings. Talking to your family and friends will lower your stress and keep you happy.Listening to music or reading books will rejuvenate your mind.

How Hormone Imbalances Cause Weight Gain

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