Can Stress Cause Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

There can be a lot of stress in your job or personal life that disturbs your eating habits. When you’re under stress, there’s an imbalance of hormones in your body, resulting in cravings for junk foods and sweetened beverages, increased appetite, or even lack of appetite. Factors like motivation can also affect food choices. Weight fluctuations may vary from person-to-person depending on how they handle their stressful situations. Some people may reach out to chocolate bars for the slightest hint of stress in their lives, and may also turn toward unhealthy foods when they’re in an emotionally draining situation. For similar stressful situations, others might skip meals, ultimately leading to loss of appetite. For this reason, stress in our lives can cause both weight los weight loss ocss and weight gain.

Stress and Weight Loss

Some people gain weight due to stress, while others lose weight. Stress can result in drastic weight loss. A high level of stress can lead to anxiety which can trigger unintentional weight loss. Anxiety leads to loss of appetite, stomach pain, and feelings of fullness soon after starting to eat, resulting in lower food intake.

People who experience a lot of stress may eat less food. They may even forget to eat entirely because of a low priority compared to other life events. This leads to neglecting or skipping meals, and thus weight loss occurs. If this resembles your situation, then it’s important to consult a certified wellness coach, as you may be at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies and increased anxiety levels which can seriously affect your health.

Stress and Weight Gain

Most people tend to over-eat when they’re undergoing a lot of stress. This happens due to the fight-or-flight response, also known as survival mode. When your body reaches a certain stress level, you start eating just to feel good, and that means you tend to over-eat.

When you’re under stress, a stress hormone called cortisol rises. When you’re under prolonged stress, over-eating can turn into a habit. Increased levels of the hormone cause higher insulin levels, which drops your blood sugar and makes you crave sugary and fatty foods. That means you’re more likely to reach for junk foods, sugary beverages, and cookies, instead of eating apples, oranges, cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries. This is the reason why they’re known as comfort foods.

Eating certain foods can be a source of solace. Comfort eating can lower stress levels because the body releases chemicals in response that might have a direct soothing effect. Fatty and sugary foods are a major factor in weight gain because a lot of us have a strong affinity for them.

So, the more stress you have, the more cortisol will release. That means there will be higher craving for junk foods, resulting in belly fat.

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