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AboutNew England Fat Loss


New England Fat Loss Centers are metabolic weight loss centers in Massachusetts that help people lose weight effectively without dieting or exercising. We have a unique approach to weight loss here at New England Fat Loss, correcting and balancing the underlying causes of weight issues. By adjusting the metabolism of an individual through our specific weight loss programs, we help you to achieve your goal of losing weight and feeling healthier.

Our certified wellness coach will motivate, guide and provide you with essential information and tips on weight loss and how to keep it off.

At New England Fat Loss, our metabolic weight loss programs create a personalized weight loss plan for each client, taking into considering the age and weight loss goal of every individual. Our weight loss methods and techniques are safe and tested. Many clients typically lose between 20-40 pounds in about 5 weeks!

There are 6 centers in Massachusetts, making weight loss easy and convenient for the people of New England.

At New England Fat loss, we understand your struggles with weight related issues and will provide solutions to help transform you into the healthy and happy individual you wish to be.

If you have a question related to our weight loss program, submit your question and we will get back to you with the answer if we have one.
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