8 Weight Loss Assumptions You Probably Believe

There are a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. People practice weight loss methods which they have only heard from others or have read from unreliable sources. In fact, most people follow unhealthy ways to lose weight, only to sabotage their health. The best way to lose weight is by enrolling yourself in a metabolic weight loss center. Weight loss professionals at metabolic weight loss centers are trained professionals who know the correct ways to lose weight without damaging your health. Weight loss assumptions have always caused confusion. Here are the 8 weight loss assumptions you probably believe.

1. Snacking is not a good idea

It’s a myth that you shouldn’t eat between meals. You may be scared to eat between your meals when your stomach starts to rumble. Having snacks between meals does not ruin your appetite. It actually helps you eat less and prevent you from overeating or binging later on. Health professionals recommend having five smaller meals a day, instead of eating a large portion of food.

2. All calories are the same

Calories determine the amount of energy you have consumed. All foods have calories, but, consuming healthy calories is far more beneficial than unhealthy ones. Not all calories will make you fat. Protein calories are not the same as fat calories. The calories that you get from protein like lean chicken is much healthier than the calories you get from fatty foods like french fries or hamburgers. Proteins boost metabolism, helps reduce weight, and is fuel for the muscles.

3. Eating carbohydrates makes you fat

It’s a scientific fact that eating low carb diets can help you lose weight. By keeping the carbs content low and protein intake higher, you lose weight. However, consuming carbohydrates don’t make you fat. Eating more food than your body needs will make you fat. In fact, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for your brain and muscles. Consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates helps keep you full, makes your body and mind alert and energetic.

4. Skipping meals will help you lose weight

Skipping meals is not a healthy way to lose weight. When you are hungry you tend to get cranky and irritated and you make poor food choices. Later, when you eat food, you consume larger portions of food than you normally do. When you are deprived of food your craving for junk food increases.

5. Consuming fat makes you fat

Body fat is the fat that gets stored in the body. It seems true that consuming fat will make you fat. However, consuming fat alone does not make you obese as long as the calories you consume are within the range. Studies have shown, diets that are high in fat but low in carbs causes weight loss. Consuming a lot of fat along with high calories, and high carbs will surely make you fat.

6. Low-fat foods will help you lose weight

The foods that are labeled as low-fat foods, reduced fat foods, or fat-free foods contain as many calories or even more than the original version of the fat-filled food. They contain more sugar and additives to make them taste better without the fat. When you see the canned or processed foods labeled as the low or fat-free food, you tend to overeat them.

7. Healthy food doesn’t taste good

Experts say, you try food up to 10 times before deciding that you like that particular food or not. Consuming too much of processed or canned foods mess up your taste buds. Those foods contain additives, high salt, and high sugar content which makes them more appealing to your palate. This causes you to crave for more junk, processed, and canned foods.

8. Starving will help you lose fat

Starving is not a solution or a way to lose fat. Starving for a long period of time can actually affect your health. Lack of food will make you weak, damage your metabolism, and result in loss of muscle mass. Starving is dangerous and could lead to organ failure or even death.

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