7 Leading Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity

One of the major reasons why people fall prey to heart problems or other health issues is because of being overweight and suffering from obesity problems. No one wants to be overweight, but also many people don’t want to avoid consuming food that leads to them becoming overweight. We tend to consume such food because our subconscious region pushes us to accept such food. No matter how much of an obesity problem you face, shedding the pounds isn’t an easy task.

Obesity is the condition of being severely overweight. To reduce the problems caused by obesity, typically weight loss programs are followed, but these are often short-term solutions only.

However, food is not the only reason behind the cause of weight gain or obesity. You may be surprised to know that there are other reasons why obesity happens. Let us check these reasons:

1. Hormones

Be it weight gain or weight loss, hormones play a crucial role. They are also responsible for our energy levels, emotions, and moods. Several hormonal disorders can even lead to diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. The most common reason behind a hormonal imbalance is because of wrong eating habits, such as keeping long gaps between meals, not drinking enough water, and consuming food with a lack of nutrients. This can certainly lead to weight gain and other health issues. To overcome this issue, it is important to follow the right eating pattern with the right food during meals.

2. Internal inflammation

Internal inflammation is considered the biggest cause of obesity. The problem occurs due to consuming refined carbohydrates and inflammatory Omega-6 fats. Once this problem arises, the individual will start facing obesity issues, which can also lead to cancer. It is important to have a complete understanding about how to cure this problem.

3. Well-engineered junk food

There are many heavily processed foods available to purchase that are mixed with additives. These products are usually cheaper in price, which attracts more people to buy them. However, the regular consumption of these junk foods can lead to obesity and other health issues. Avoiding the consumption of such foods is highly advised, as is replacing them with healthy and well-cooked food.

4. Genetics

The role of genetics is high when it comes to obesity as genes are also responsible for contributing toward obesity and weight gain. However, other contributions from abundant food consumption and little physical activity also lead to and exacerbate this problem.

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5. Continuous taking of medication

The continuous consumption of medication can lead to people becoming overweight and suffering from obesity problems. Apart from this, an underactive thyroid, Cushing syndrome, and other health issues can occur.

6. Poor sleep and stress

These two can be the biggest factors contributing to a person’s overweight problem. Some studies have revealed that people who sleep less are likely to face obesity problems. This is partly because of hormones released during sleep controlling the appetite. It is important to have enough sleep to help your body and mind relax.

7. Consuming sugar-loaded food

Consuming excess sugar is considered the biggest cause of obesity. Sugar changes the hormones and biochemistry of the body when consumed in excess. This further leads to weight gain. Sugar consists of half glucose and half fructose, which you can get from different types of foods.

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