5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism Without Exercise

With our busy and unpredictable schedules, many people find it extremely difficult to make it to the gym regularly, if at all. Between work, family and other errands, it can seem like losing weight is out of reach. While you may be unable to get to the gym regularly, you can still find ways to burn calories, boost metabolism, and benefit your health. Metabolic weight loss centers are a great resource for helping you achieve your weight loss goals. This blog will show you how 5 ways to increase your metabolism without exercise.

1. Drinking Cold Water:

Drinking cold water in the morning helps to boost your metabolism. When you drink cold water instead of room temperature water, your body spends more energy warming the water inside your stomach, which burns more calories without any strain on your body.

2. Eating the RIGHT Protein:

Eating the right amount of protein can increase your metabolic rate, and in turn, help you lose weight faster. Preparing more of the right meats, like turkey, egg whites, and chicken, can benefit your metabolism and post-meal calorie burning by up to 30%.

3. Drink Green Tea:

Green tea helps reduce weight by giving your body more energy to burn calories. It’s calorie-free and loaded with antioxidants that speed up your metabolism! Green tea has thermogenic properties which promote weight loss, especially when combined with a healthy diet.

4. Spice Things Up:

Adding certain spices to your food, such as ginger, cayenne pepper, and hot mustard not only make your food tastier, they also raise your body temperature. This triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for producing sweat while eating spicy food. Hot sauces can speed up your metabolism by up to 20% – just make sure they are low-sodium and have no MSG! This boost in your metabolism only lasts for about 30 minutes but it can increase calorie burning during every meal.

5. Eat Green Vegetables:

Garden fresh vegetables like spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and kale are high in iron, protein, and minerals, which all provide you tons of energy to fulfill your body’s daily needs. This boost in energy increases your ability to burn calories throughout the day while providing many other helpful health benefits.

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