5 Simple Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season brings together the year’s biggest celebrations. You’ll be out traveling, going to parties, and exchanging gifts. But while you’re socializing and enjoying company, it’s important to keep your health in mind more than ever. Delicious holiday treats, egg nog, junk food, and alcohol can quickly add up to excessive calories. Traveling also makes it difficult for you to engage in any physical activities to lose weight. As a result, the holidays make us very susceptible to seasonal weight gain. But you can take steps to prevent this from happening.

Start your day with morning exercise

Exercising early in the morning helps to kickstart your metabolism. It gives a quick boost to your heart rate and promotes staying active for the rest of the day. Physical activity before you drink alcohol and eat confectionaries will keep a check on your extra weight.

Don’t starve yourself

It’s very easy to lose track of your day between making plans, going shopping, and wrapping presents. Just don’t forget to eat! Skipping too many consecutive meals is a disaster for your health, especially your metabolism. Studies from the National Institutes of Health have shown that frequently skipping meals slows down your metabolism. This will lower your energy throughout the day and result in deposition of fats in your body.

Eat healthy every 2 to 3 hours

Eating healthy food regularly also helps your metabolism to stay active. Whenever there’s a long gap between your meals, you’ll end up craving larger portions of food. We recommend keeping a light snack on hand, such as nuts or a granola bar.

Avoid sugary drinks, pasta, pizza, and white bread

Sugary drinks are an abundant source of calories in the average American’s diet. Beyond just the risk of weight gain, they also boost the risk of acquiring diabetes, heart disease and stroke. All of these items pose a serious red flag for excess calorie and carbohydrate consumption.

Stay hydrated

Consuming water keeps you hydrated, which increases metabolism and boosts your body’s ability to burn fat. It also reduces the likelihood of fatigue, stress headaches, and eases the digestive process after a big, hearty holiday dinner.

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