5 Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism

Metabolism plays a crucial role in your body’s ability to convert the food and liquid that you consume into energy. Everyone’s metabolic rate is different. Some have a faster metabolism, while others have a slower metabolism. Some people may eat a lot, yet they don’t gain weight. Some gain weight easily despite consuming less food. You may have tried a lot of things to lose weight, but failed miserably. A slow metabolism is not always to blame for your weight gain, your lifestyle and eating habits also play an important role.

Below are some indications of a slow metabolism.

1. You’re Always Tired

There are many reasons why you often feel tired, including lack of a healthy diet, overtraining, and not getting enough sleep. Other reasons could be that your metabolism is slower and your body is not functioning well to provide you with adequate energy from the food you eat.

2. Low Body Temperature

A faster metabolism keeps you warm by generating heat. When your metabolism is slow, you have a lower body temperature.

3. Frequent Mood Swings

Mood swings may occur due to a slower metabolism. When your metabolism is slow, you feel exhausted all of the time and this could make you feel uncomfortable, irritable, and moody.

4. Craving Sugar and Starchy Foods

When there’s a lack of energy, you start craving for sugar and starchy foods. Even though you’re getting enough sleep and eating healthy, and cravings still persist, then it could be that your metabolism is not working well enough to convert the foods that you eat into the energy that your body needs.

< href="/how-you-can-fix-metabolism-to-lose-weight/">How You Can Fix Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

5. Gaining Weight Even Though You’re Eating Healthy

When you start aging, it becomes harder for you to maintain a healthy weight because your metabolism slows down. If you’re eating healthy food, watching your portion size, caloric intake, and still gaining weight, then we recommend you to consult a certified wellness coach.
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