5 Restaurant Rules to Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Have you set your weight loss goals and are excited to lose weight? If you’ve already done so, then you’re all pumped up. However, if your eating habits include mostly take-out and restaurants, then you need to follow a few restaurant rules to help achieve your weight loss goals. Eating out at restaurants and having take-out has become an integral part of our lives. We’ve become too busy due to our modern jobs and our lifestyles have changed completely. You may have a habit of going to restaurants twice, thrice, or even more in a week. Well, you can still lose weight while eating take-outs and restaurant food. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Here are 5 restaurant rules to help achieve your weight loss goals.

1. Scan the Menu

A dish’s name and short description on the restaurant menu don’t just tell you what a dish is, but also how it’s cooked. By reading the short description, you’ll learn what ingredients will be included in the dish, and you can decide whether the food you’re ordering is a healthy choice or not. Check whether the food is roasted or deep-fried. Look for words such as baked, barbecued, broiled, grilled, roasted, steamed, poached, or hard-boiled. Avoid ordering foods that are described as crispy, crusted, fried, or stuffed. Cheesy, creamy, rich, and loaded are some of the other words you should make note of and avoid ordering. Non-healthy foods are high in calories and are more likely to cause obesity.

2. Ask for Dish Modifications

If you saw some delicious looking food on the restaurant menu that could potentially be much healthier, don’t hesitate to ask the server if they could personalize your order according to your needs. It’s most likely that they’ll agree to it and provide you a healthier dish, which includes reduced oil, salt, sugar, or certain ingredients that you don’t want. By your request, they may also include ingredients or toppings that are rich in proteins.

3. Order Your Meal First

When your friends order an unhealthy dish, you might be tempted to order the same. If they order pork steak frites, don’t give in – order something much healthier, like grilled chicken breasts. To avoid getting tempted, order your food first. It may even cause your friends to change their mind by seeing your healthy order. In case you don’t order first, then make up your mind and stay determined about ordering your chosen food. If you’re eating at a restaurant where you eat often, just order your favorite healthy food.

4. Choose Low-Fat Healthy Foods

The calories and fat content of your entree are determined by the way it’s prepared. Choose broiled, grilled, barbecued, or baked meats instead of pan-fried or deep-fried foods that’ll increase your fat level. Always ask the server to reduce oil or butter while preparing your entree. Broiling, baking, steaming, or grilling lean meat and veggies can help reduce calories and fat. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of all high calories and fats in restaurant meals, but choosing a low-fat, healthy food is a start.

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5. Practice Portion Control /p>

Some restaurants serve an average quantity of food, while others serve gigantic mountains of food. Sometimes these portions are almost twice or three times the amount of food we need in one meal. Consuming the entire plate of food may result in over-eating. DON’T eat the entire plate! You can either separate small portions of food before eating or only eat until your stomach is full and get the rest packed. Don’t be tempted to eat too much – stop when your brain signals that your stomach is full. This way you won’t binge and the packed food can be another meal later. Make sure you eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. These actions will help to recognize fullness. Determine your portion size and stick to it. DON’T eat more even if you’re tempted!

Remember: weight loss is all about becoming educated with weight loss tips

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