5 Reasons Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

Most women think that men have an edge when it comes to weight loss. Anecdotal stories of women sweating and struggling to lose pounds, which is compared to the tales of men cutting down on junk foods, hitting the gym, and the weight drops off easily. Is that the truth?

The answer to this is – Yes, men lose weight faster than women.

Here are some reasons why men lose weight faster than women.

1. Men have more lean muscles that helps burn fat.

Yes, it’s true that men have more lean muscle mass, especially in the upper body. Muscle burns more calories than fat. This is the reason why men have a faster metabolism, up to 5 to 10% faster. Another reason is testosterone, which is a powerful hormone. Mens testosterone levels are 10 times higher than women. Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle mass, boosting your resting metabolic rate. This means that men will be burning more calories all day than women.

2. Estrogen reduces women’s ability to burn fat.

Estrogen prepares a woman’s body for childbirth and boosts libido, but it doesn’t help in weight loss . Women have a higher percentage of body fat than men. They’re approximately 6 to 11% of body fat. This doesn’t mean that women are 6 to 11 times heavier than men.

3. Women are hard-wired to crave junk foods and sugary beverages.

Women are emotional eaters. When they are depressed, they eat too much junk foods and sugary beverages. This kind of behavior increases their weight and fat deposition. While men are better at resisting temptations, turning off their cravings at the smell of pizza and cake, while women are fixed on their favorite food. Studies suggest that women are more likely to eat under stress, while men are more likely to consume alcohol.

4. Men are confident and over-achievers.

Men have faster metabolisms than women, and men’s bodies respond better to consuming healthy foods. Eating healthy foods consistently boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss. Whether you’re a man or woman, you need to burn 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat, and that takes effort.

5. Men have less visceral fat surrounding their vital organs.

Fat distribution is different for men and women. Women gain fat on their hips and thighs, while men gain fat around their abdomen. When a man’s abdomen reduces, it’s noticeable. Fat accumulation in the belly is dangerous, putting men at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers due to a high concentration of visceral fat surrounding their vital organs.

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