4 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Struggling to lose weight can be frustrating. You may have put in your best efforts to lose weight, but have you thought about what’s preventing your weight loss? Every morning you may be weighing yourself, hoping you lost weight, but the scale may not be moving at all. This can be demotivating! Don’t lose hope. You’ll lose weight! Weight loss is easy only when you know the right ways to lose weight. When you take the right steps, weight loss becomes easy without making much effort. You’ll start to lose weight naturally only when you make informed choices.

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is good for your health. Depriving yourself of sleep for a long period of time disrupts metabolism and you start putting on weight. Your metabolism shifts and fat starts to accumulate in your body. We recommend you to sleep for 6-8 hours a night. This will help keep your metabolism healthy and maintain your weight.

2. You’re Glued To Your Office Desk

Sitting and working for long hours in your office chair may result in weight gain. You may have a lot of work piled up on your table, but you need to find time to move around a bit as well. Take a break for a while if you’re tired or running short of ideas and move your body. This will refresh your mind and you’ll burn some calories as well. After lunch, go for a short walk in the parking lot. Taking a short walk after lunch will help you to digest and you’ll burn some calories too.

3. You’re Still Eating Junk Food

One reason why you’re not losing weight could be that you’re still consuming junk food. Junk food may be mouthwatering, but it’s extremely harmful to your health. Junk food contains high levels of cholesterol and calories. Consuming junk food like pizzas, hamburgers, french fries, potato chips, donuts, cakes, and cookies can contribute to your weight gain. Avoid consuming junk foods and carbonated drinks. Instead, choose healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Does Eating Less Make Your Stomach Shrink?

4. You’re Under Stress

An everyday hectic schedule, a challenging job, or family problems can cause stress. These situations can be the reasons why you’re not losing weight. When you’re under stress, cortisol, a stress hormone increases. When cortisol increases, insulin levels rise, resulting in increased body weight. Your appetite also increases when you’re under stress and you tend to eat more junk foods.

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